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Online Presence
A website with 7 Millions
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More than 1/4 Million authentic subscribers across our social
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Islam21C is supported by leading Muslim organisations, scholars & influencers worldwide
Who are we?
Islam21c is a UK based digital media platform that provides authentic Islamic content to an audience of more than 1/4 million people everyday across the globe.
Our content covers a range of topics from Current Affairs, Media, Family Solutions, Finance, Islamic Guidance with an aim to  impact the Muslim community in a positive manner.
Our work is supported by renowned scholars and academics of the Muslim world who also contribute regularly to our content, meaning we are a respected and trusted name in today’s Muslim landscape.

" is one of the biggest go-to sites for Muslims globally offering guidance and solutions to Muslims in over 200 countries "
Islam21c Brand Reach & Engagement


1 million regular users generating over 2 million page views every year


 More than 18K subscribers receiving engaging content three times a week







1,700,120 impressions



Islam21C has a healthy community on Whatsapp and Telegram, providing content daily including articles featuring our advertisers


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Since our launch in 2006 we have witnessed a shift in the rapid online culture where 'likes' & social followings contribute significantly to the survival of a business. There has never been a dire need for Muslim businesses to build a brand online.
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Add value to your brand by being associated with one of the most influential Islamic organizations in the UK. Islam21c is known, trusted and respected in the Muslim community

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